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<![CDATA[Company Overview]]>, 08 Jan 2021 11:42:23 -0500

The County of Renfrew is the largest county in Ontario at over 7,600 square kilometres and with a population of just over 107,000 people. The distances between centres of industry can be worlds apart, with many of the primary operators in the West not familiar with the value-added processors in the East, for example. This virtual networking and marketing tool will hopefully bridge that gap and allow our area’s entrepreneurs to grow and flourish, together.
<![CDATA[Videos]]>, 14 Nov 2018 4:07:11 -0500

A look inside Lavern Heideman & Sons' upgraded sawmill Nov. 6, 2018 – CFI toured Eganville, Ont.-based Lavern Heideman & Sons, which recently invested $17 million to upgrade their sawmill, adding a new large-log line, two dry kilns and more. Vice-president Kris Heideman gave us a warm welcome! 
Look for a full mill profile in the upcoming November/December 2018 issue. 

The OFFICIAL Ottawa Valley Wood Video is here!  Thanks to Matt LeMay and LeMayMedia for producing. 

Renfrew County Forester Lacey Rose featured by Let's Talk Science as a career choice for high school students to consider.

Heideman & Son Operator Andrew Neuman featured by Let's Talk Science as a career choice for high school students to consider.

ENSYN Technologies - Something New, Somthing Unique Thanks to CRIBE for a look into this new and exciting wood technology

Creating Green Jobs in Ontario: This video provides a background of the forest industry in the Ottawa Valley in the past, present and future. 

Wood: Nature's Stoke of Genius: Produced by the Danish Wood initiative, this video shows the wide array of products made from wood, and its importance as a renewable, green resource.

Ontario Wood, A Natural Choice: This video, produced by the Ontario Wood initiative, explains some of the many reasons why it pays to buy wood harvested and produced in our own Province. Don't forget to look for the leaf in a store near you.

A Place for Forestry in Algonquin Park: Check out this great TEDx talk by Jamie McRae on the history, scope and sustinaibility of forestry in our near-neighbour, Algonquin Park. Many of these principles apply to our forests in the Ottawa Valley.

A Series of Videos about Forestry in the Bancroft Area: Put together by the Bancroft and Area Forest Industry Association (BAFIA), video topics include local area mills, harvesting, tree marking and values protection. A great way to learn more about forestry on Crown land in Ontario! Make sure to check out BAFIA's website while you're there.

Beyond the Stump: Filmed and edited by the staff of First Resource Management Group in Englehart, Ontario, this video gives an excellent visual of forest management by our nearby neighbours in the Boreal Forest. Check it out to see active forest harvesting, renewal activities and aerial shots of after harvest, new plantations and free-to-grow young forests - an accurate depiction of the "sea of green" that follows sustainable forest management.

<![CDATA[Wood Stories]]>, 05 Oct 2018 1:00:33 -0400These Wood Stories come from satisfied users of local wood. Be sure to share yours with us! ]]><![CDATA[Home]]>, 05 Oct 2018 1:00:23 -0400Ottawa Valley Wood is a County of Renfrew initiative designed to make it easier for people to make local purchasing decisions. Consider sourcing local wood for your next renovation or building project, or give the gift of wood. 

<![CDATA[News and Events]]>, 12 Apr 2018 12:40:13 -0400Ensyn Technologies Inc. is a leading producer of renewable liquid fuels and renewable chemical products from forestry feedstocks.

Ensyn is seeking an enthusiastic, future-looking Forester to procure raw material, maintain chain of custody certification, and develop wood supply systems for projected new facilities.
See Posting at
<![CDATA[2017 Forestry Sector Update]]>, 05 May 2017 1:19:31 -0400View an update from Forest Sector representatives given to Renfrew County Council in April 2017 HERE.

<![CDATA[Ottawa Cottage & Backyard Show April 10-12, 2015]]>, 01 Apr 2015 2:19:03 -0400Ottawa Valley Wood will be participating at the upcoming Ottawa Cottage & Backyard Show taking place April 10th - 12th 2015 at the EY Centre near the Ottawa Airport. Our booth will feature some of the products from our members. Also at the show will be Evergreen Mulch and Garden Soil, Valley Rustics, The Calabogie Rustic Furniture Company and Algonquin Timber Frames, joining other Ontario Wood members. For more information please visit the website at

<![CDATA[Launch of Official Ottawa Valley Wood Video]]>, 28 Oct 2013 8:53:08 -0400Hot off of the presses, this promotional video highlights the how, what and why of Ottawa Valley Wood. We plan to use this on the website (, through social media and at trade shows and conferences, and encourage you to do the same.  Our first test of a public audience will be at Naturallia this week in Sault Ste. Marie then at the Wood Solutions Fair on November 12th in Toronto.
Click and share:
As always, we welcome your feedback on the video and suggestions for ways to promote local wood producers in the future. The video was produced by Matt LeMay and his crew.  Everyone is free to use the video to promote forestry and added-value wood products activity in your particular area. 
This project has been a collaboration between the Economic Development and Forestry divisions at the County of Renfrew, with some great financial assistance from Community Futures Development Corporation serving Renfrew County.  It was an Eastern Ontario Development Program funded initiative; a program from Fed Dev Ontario.
<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood Producer Videos]]>, 22 Oct 2013 3:57:06 -0400Click on the title for a direct link to the video for each producer:

Gary & Ron's Video

Custom Dreams & Design Video

Schwan Cedar Video

Raymond Bell & Sons Lumber

Overview of Ottawa Valley Wood

Thanks to Cogeco for producing these videos!

<![CDATA[Feature in Working Forest Publication: Resource Full Communities]]>, 11 Jul 2013 11:49:54 -0400Check out the Working Forest's recent publication on "Resource Full Communities", espcially the feature on Renfew County's long-loved forest industry on page 6 and 7. 

Click HERE to read the publication.

<![CDATA[One Stop Shop for Local Wood Products - Working Forest article]]>, 07 Jun 2013 9:15:06 -0400The Working Forest reporter Jolene Lisk wrote this article about the goals and achievements of  Thanks Jolene! 

One stop shop for local wood products

May 06, 2013

By: Jolene Lisk

 Using the web to promote “local wood purchasing decisions and also as a way to encourage contractors to source local wood by having a one stop shop to find everything that they need, made by local people from local wood”, is the goal behind Renfrew County, Ontario’s new website said project co-creator Lacey Rose. 

In a joint effort between the County of Renfrew’s business development officer, Craig Kelley, and a County forester, Lacey Rose, the website was founded. The innovative project was established in Renfrew County, located in eastern Ontario.  It enables County residents to make an informed decision about purchasing wood locally, by providing the tools to research and find locally manufactured wood products.

The website’s development began in February of 2012 and became active in October of that year. “We are just getting into the broadband world in Eastern Ontario so a lot of our producers and manufacturers aren’t really tied into the internet just yet or active on social media so this is our effort to support that sector as best we can by providing those linkages” explained Kelley.

The website includes interviews with wood product producers. At this point in time, the website includes 40 producer profiles. Rose explained “We were hoping that the website and the profiles of the producers make it a more personal choice to be buying wood from Ontario and specifically our County.”

In February 2013, the website won the award of merit from the Economic Developers Council of Ontario in the category of marketing utilizing technology. “The economic developers felt that this is true business support, that we as an organization and County office were supporting business retention and business expansion” said Kelley. 

There have been over 5000 visits to so far. The objective is for the website to render sales for their directory members. “At this point we’ve identified at least half a dozen or more direct linkages that have translated into sales in one form or another” explained Kelley. 

Going forward the project is looking to expand the number of producer profiles showcased in their directory. On a larger scale, the initiative would be “happy for other communities to use what we’ve learned and use our template so it will be replicated. We’d be happy to share our knowledge and share our contacts in terms of technology to get this rolling out even further” said Kelley.

The project intends to promote the industry and help support the 5000 direct and indirect jobs that are associated with wood products. Rose explains “A lot of us work in the woods and we’re proud to do so and we’re managing our forests to world-class standards but what happens to that wood once it leaves the forest? I think, as people that work in the forest industry, we should be thinking about our purchasing decisions and encouraging others to think about where their wood is coming from because we should be really proud to use wood from our own backyard, managed and harvested by people in our communities.”

The County of Renfrew and the Community Futures Development Corporation of Renfrew County helped to fund the project through the Eastern Ontario Development Program.

<![CDATA[Wood Links]]>, 08 May 2013 11:08:54 -0400Ontario Certified Wood Products MarketplaceLooking specifically for Certified wood products? The Ontario Certified Wood Products Marketplace is designed to connect domestic and international buyers with sellers of Ontario certified wood products. You can search for products in the directory or check out the classified section to post specials or wanted ads.

Ontario Forestry Industry Association (OFIA): The Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) is a provincial trade association representing  member companies ranging from large multinational corporations to small, family owned  businesses that produce a broad range of products including pulp, paper, paperboard, lumber, panelboard, plywood and veneer.

Ontario Forestry Association (OFA): The OFA is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of all aspects of Ontario's forests, and to develop commitment to stewardship of forest ecosystems. Since 1949, the OFA has been involved in public education around forestry and environmental issues. The OFA promotes the value of our forest lands for multiple purposes.

Ontario Wood: Ontario Wood” is an initiative to help you identify and purchase locally made Ontario Wood products. Whether you are a consumer, builder, designer or architect, look for the leaf to be sure it’s Ontario Wood.  Many Ottawa Valley Wood producers are also included in the Ontario Wood directory!

Valley Artisans' Co-op: Located in Deep River, the Valley Artisans' Co-op is a store filled with locally-crafted, unique fine art and gifts, including some of the wood artisan's featured in the Ottawa Valley Wood directory. A great place for locally-minded people to shop for wedding, birthday, Christmas and everyday gifts!

Eastern Ontario Model Forest: The EOMF is a not-for-profit, charitable organization.  As one of 15 large-scale working model forests that represent the five major forest ecoregions of Canada, the EOMF works with government, landowners, industry, First Nations, non-government organizations and others to develop new ways to sustain and manage our forest resources.  The model forest provides a unique forum where forest users — many of whom may never have met before — can forge partnerships and gain a greater understanding of conflicting views, share their knowledge, and combine their expertise and resources.

REAL Treehugger: A campaign initiated by the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association. The message: A REAL Treehugger knows that sustainable forestry: Renews and replenishes the ecosystem; promotes Economic growth; Accumulated more carbon; and is the Lifeblood of communities.  Check out their blog here.  



<![CDATA[Barbeque Season has Started!]]>, 23 Apr 2013 9:53:44 -0400"I stocked up on cedar grilling planks and smoking chips from Steffie’s Grill Wood. My first attempt at smoking salmon on the BBQ was a success!  I used a cedar plank soaked overnight in water and maple syrup. For the main course, I wrapped soaked cedar chips in a foil packet and smoked a pork roast on low heat for 2.5 hours. 
The cedar products are untreated, which I like because it allows me to add whatever flavor I want, and they smell great on their own."
Note from OVW: Mmmm, thanks for sharing your story.  For those of you who love to BBQ, check out Steffie's Grill Wood online to place your order and check out their great prices!  Eastern White Cedar is a species native to our area, and Steffie's sources their wood locally.
<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood Presented to Elected Officials]]>, 10 Apr 2013 9:10:52 -0400The elected officials of the Country of Renfrew heard about Ottawa Valley Wood and its progress to date late last month. 

Check out this article about Ottawa Valley Wood that was featured in the Pembroke Observer on April 4. Wins Award 

<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood at the Ontario Forest Industry Association AGM]]>, 25 Mar 2013 12:01:04 -0400Renfrew County staff were asked to present the Ottawa Valley Wood project at the Ontario Forest Industry Association's Annual General Meeting in February 2013.  You can view the presentation that was given by clicking HERE.  Scroll over the speech balloon in the top left corner of each slide to view the speakers notes.
Many participants at the meeting were intrigued by the initiative and its ability to be repeated in other areas. The diversity of wood products produced in the Ottawa Valley impressed attendees from other areas. 
<![CDATA[Local Wood Use at Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre]]>, 14 Feb 2013 8:28:54 -0500The Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre (SWOEC), located at 2065 Bulger Road, about 20 minutes south of Pembroke, aims to get more people outside. The series of trails on the site provide opportunities for schools, community organizations and the general public to use the area and learn about the different ecosystems and sustainable forestry practices. The property has been in the Shaw family since 1847 and has been placed in the hands of SWOEC, a not-for-profit, charitable Corporation governed by a group of volunteers from the community, in order to carry out the family's wishes for the long term use of the property.
A significant amount of work has been done at the site in recent years; trails have been upgraded and expanded, viewing platforms constructed and learning materials posted to explain various aspects of the site. For many of these projects, local wood was sourced as a building material. Grant Dobson, Trails/Site Chair on the Board of Directors for the SWOEC, explains, “Using locally sourced wood products at Shaw Woods Education Center makes sense on many levels. One of our objectives in the site’s development is to stay true to the natural feel of the place. This includes using building materials that easily blend with the natural landscape.”
Trailhead structures are one of the first elements that visitors encounter when they arrive on site. “These were constructed almost entirely of local white cedar”, points out Grant. “Wood chips used along some sections of the interpretive trails are our most cost-effective material to level rough terrain. They blend seamlessly into the background environment of the trail and quickly become unnoticeable to the average visitor.  Being that they are of local origin greatly reduces the chance of introducing some foreign pathogen or insect into the Shaw Woods”. 
Encouraging more public use of trails in natural ecosystems is not without risks. Increased foot traffic and human presence create potential negative implications towards sustaining the biological integrity of the site. Grant explains how the use of local wood helps to mitigate those issues: “We are identifying sensitive features of the property, constructing boardwalks in wet terrain and protecting cliff ecology with railings and deck.”
SWOEC has been successful at sourcing local wood to use in their trail improvement and protection efforts. You can source local wood for your own landscaping projects at Learn more about SWOEC at
<![CDATA[Speading the Word about Ottawa Valley Wood]]>, 29 Jan 2013 1:25:35 -0500
About 150 people at the Christmas Forest Seminar, put on by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest in Kemptville, heard about the Ottawa Valley Wood project on December 12, 2012.  There was a lot of enthusiasm from the audience about the project, and interest in creating similar directories in other areas. 
In February, Ottawa Valley Wood will be at the Canadian Insititute of Forest’s Algonquin Section Winter Seminar in Pembroke on February 6th and The Ontario Forest Association’s Annual Conference in Alliston on February 8th (Click here for more information).
<![CDATA[Custom Made Stools]]>, 07 Dec 2012 9:12:42 -0500It is surprisingly difficult to find Canadian-made furniture in stores!  Don's Woodworking built me two custom-made island stools based on a picture I showed him of what I liked. His price was very reasonable and they were ready in less than a month.  The stools are made from sugar maple harvested from his own woodlot and stained to complement my existing furniture - they even have a bit of birds-eye in them! The best part is, they are built to last and I know I won't have to replace them in 5 years.  

<![CDATA[The Canadian Forestry Battalion]]>, 16 Nov 2012 11:30:35 -0500Check out recent FB post on November 10th about the Canadian Forestry Battalion.

Note from Ottawa Valley Wood: Thanks so much for sharing this information! Some important forest-related history that points to the long-standing nature of logging here in the Ottawa Valley.

<![CDATA[Raised Garden Beds from Ottawa Valley Cedar]]>, 16 Nov 2012 11:29:52 -0500After moving into a new house last year, I was anxious to get gardening. I had no trouble finding a local cedar producer who could meet my needs of eastern white cedar squares for my raised vegetable beds. It was great to see the lumber yard, meet the producer and know where the wood came from. It pays to buy local!

Note from Ottawa Valley Wood: Thanks for sharing your story! There are several cedar producers in our directory. You can find them by clicking on "Cedar" under lumber. Happy gardening!

<![CDATA[Resources]]>, 09 Nov 2012 2:29:27 -0500<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood at the Fall Cottage Life Show]]>, 02 Nov 2012 1:18:19 -0400County of Renfrew staff spent a few days promoting Ottawa Valley Wood at the Fall Cottage Life show last week. From October 26 to 28 at the International Centre in Toronto, staff answered questions and shared information with hundreds of show attendees and other exhibitors.
The online wood directory was very well received, with many folks noting that the resource would make it easier for them to source wood from sustainably managed forests in Central Ontario. Many participants cottage near or in the Ottawa Valley and remarked that they would check out the website for an upcoming renovation or decorating project. 

Cedar grilling planks made from local eastern white cedar by Steffie’s Grill Wood ( were on hand to help spread the word about the many different wood products available in the Ottawa Valley.

<![CDATA[Share your Ottawa Valley Wood Experience]]>, 30 Oct 2012 1:52:43 -0400<![CDATA[Ontario Wood Program]]>, 17 Oct 2012 3:18:15 -0400Why Ontario Wood?

It’s local. Ontario’s forest products industry is a significant contributor to the provincial economy. Our industry helps to support about 200,000 jobs in more than 260 communities across our province.

It’s Planet Friendly. Ontario is a world leader in sustainable forest management. Less than ½ of 1% of Ontario’s forests are harvested each year and by law plans to renew the forest must be in place prior to harvest and that planned renewal must occur. More than that, wood is renewable, reusable and recyclable.

It’s about Quality and Choice. Ontario’s forests offer a rich variety of hardwood and softwood species that are highly valued worldwide. Ontario manufacturers and craftsmen use this wood to produce hundreds of different products from lumber to flooring to furniture. Whatever your project, you can find a high quality Ontario Wood solution.

For more information, visit the Ontario Wood website.

<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood Hits the Trade Show Circuit]]>, 17 Oct 2012 2:49:54 -0400 
The Fall Cottage Life Show has quietly established itself as one of Canada’s largest showcases of cottage builders and building supplies. The Cottage Life Shows offer the unique added benefit of reaching a
highly-affluent audience (approximately 17,000) that owns not just one, but two homes. The Fall show provides the perfect opportunity to reach people planning next year’s renovation or new build. It has become the fall show for: cottage builders, contractors, architects and designers; building products and services, from foundations to roofing, and everything in between; heating, water, septic solutions, composting toilets and alternative energy, and much more!
Attendees enjoy active outdoor lifestyles, and the Fall Cottage Life Show gives you a great opportunity to reach this market while summer’s outdoor memories are still vibrant. Attendees to the Fall Cottage Life Show arrive prepared to shop and plan, and the show’s timing provides an excellent opportunity for year-end clearance of seasonal goods, while offering the first opportunity to reach buyers in planning mode, before the busy spring sales season. The Fall Cottage Life Show will have dedicated feature content designed to help cottagers maximize their outdoor enjoyment year-round, with great recreational ideas from Cottage Life, Outdoor Canada, and explore magazines.
A one-day educational event on wood products and construction, the Wood Solutions Fairs focus on wood products and their use in construction. Suppliers and technical experts are on hand to answer your questions about wood. The attendees are able to apply "on the job" what they’ve learned from the seminars and the information they will take with them. The trade fair allows those in the wood industry to communicate why wood is a good choice for the attendees to consider in their latest project(s).
What you will see:
· Informative seminars solely dedicated to wood products
· Technical information from suppliers, manufacturers, wood engineering consultants and industry associations
· The full range of structural wood products and finishing wood products
· Exhibits totally devoted to wood products
· Consultation with wood industry experts
Attendees include: Architects, Engineers - Structural and Civil, Builders, Building Designers, Building Officials, Construction Technologists, Students, Professors


Industry representatives/companies are invited to work in the County of Renfrew booth to assist with promotion of Ottawa Valley Wood as a best choice for wood-based projects. Representatives must follow proper trade show etiquette and adhere to the County’s trade show code of conduct when representing the County of Renfrew.
All travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the volunteer/company.
New for 2012: A select number of wood-based companies will be able to have a portion of the floor/booth space to display their product(s) to the attendees at a very low cost. Costs will depend on the number of companies involved and the amount of allowable space. Refer to pages 3-4 for the volunteer opportunities and available shifts. Volunteers are subject to County of Renfrew approval.
Industry representatives/companies are provided with an opportunity to have brochures distributed at these trade shows attended by the County of Renfrew at no cost. Refer to pages 2-4 for brochure distribution opportunities and the associated costs and quantities.
Brochures must be received at the County of Renfrew Development and Property offices by Friday, October 12, 2012
<![CDATA[Local Wood Industry Gets 21st Century Support]]>, 17 Oct 2012 2:49:27 -0400Pembroke, ON – The County of Renfrew’s Forestry and Economic Development Divisions have partnered to promote the region’s beleaguered forestry/logging industry and to showcase to consumers why choosing wood and wood products from the Ottawa Valley is a very wise purchasing decision.
The forest industry is a major economic driver for Renfrew County and many residents rely on the employment it provides. The last 5 years have been particularly difficult for the industry and the downturn continues. There is a general lack of awareness of the ability to buy local wood products, particularly in the under-40 demographic who are exercising their buying power and attempting to be informed consumers. The ability to walk into a big box store and walk out with everything you need, not knowing where the wood products came from or how they were harvested has led to a net import of wood products in a province that is capable of growing and producing enough wood on an environmentally sustainable basis. Part of the problem is the lack of awareness of these products, particularly for the consumer who expects to find what they need through internet searching and clear presentation and marketing. 
Studies have shown that there is a desire across all demographics for purchasing Ontario-produced wood for home projects, if it is available and meets other criteria of price, quality and durability. However, the problem still exists that many of the products available from local mills and craftsmen may not be available in local retail stores.
County of Renfrew staff Lacey Rose, Forester, and Craig Kelley, Business Development Officer, have been travelling around the County interviewing, learning and documenting the history, business practices and products of over 20 wood producers to date. They are using this information to create profiles and product lists that will be available on the website directory, to be launched this fall. Product information, pictures and interesting facts about local wood producers who are interested in selling to the public are being gathered, categorized and put online. Consumers look under the category of product they are interested in, examine their options, contact the producer and buy directly from them. Purchasers get to meet members of their community who produce high-quality goods and have a personal story to tell with each purchase.
Here’s a sample of just some of the wood products grown and manufactured in Renfrew County: lumber of every species native to eastern Ontario (of any dimension, pressure treated, dried, rough or finished), cedar shingles, cedar wood chips and planks for BBQing, hard maple kitchen utensils, furniture, hardwood and softwood flooring, mouldings, baseboards and trim, exterior wooden siding, wall paneling, roof trusses, fireplace mantels, kitchen cabinets, timber frame and log home building, jewelry and wonderful works of wood art. 
The list continues to grow and the project has received very positive feedback so far, from many people who are surprised and pleased to see they have so many local buying options and from producers who are proud of the work they do. The County of Renfrew hopes to raise the profile of the sustainable forest management that occurs in the Ottawa Valley and the level of employment that results from wood – in and out of the forest. It is hoped that a sense of community pride will be created in consumers with the ability to support the local economy through informed purchasing. The “100 mile diet” is certainly possible for many of our wood needs.
While the full website is being developed, all the information collected so far is available on Facebook ( Make sure to “Like” Ottawa Valley Wood to stay up to date when new producers are added! The website and additional promotional materials will be part of the information that will be distributed when the County of Renfrew, along with local producers, attends various industry and consumer trade shows this Fall and next Spring.
Funding for this project has been supported by the Government of Canada, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario’s (FedDev Ontario) Eastern Ontario Development Program, administered by the Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation and is being offered at no cost to local producers.
<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Door Manufacturer Launches Cutting-Edge Green Technology]]>, 17 Oct 2012 2:48:07 -0400Barry’s Bay – A long time innovator in the field of green manufacturing has launched a new ultra-thin insulation system that is producing spectacular results. The new thermal stop system, which is only one hundred and sixty thousandths of an inch thick, has been dubbed “Insil-Stop” by its creator Mike Snider, CEO of Madawaska Doors Inc., a seven time Consumers Choice Award winner for Business Excellence.
Snider states, “This is just what the industry needs. For almost 40 years our company has strived to produce high quality, environmentally friendly door systems, and we’ve done just that. Our door systems are either 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable. Our testing over the years taught us that attention to detail and good engineering produces a door system that displays reasonable R-values. But we were never completely satisfied with wood’s ability as a thermal insulator and that drove us as a team to find the solution”.
With the growing push in the environmental movement for higher levels of efficiency in building products, Snider and his team at Madawaska Doors have engineered a system based on the application of a high temperature silicone-based mat impregnated with Aero Gel. When applied to the center of a typical wood door, the R-value increased beyond expectation to R-12. “We were ecstatic when the first test result came in”, says Snider. “Not only did we achieve a great insulation rating but we also developed technology to bring this system affordably to the custom door market. At the end of the day, we have a product that’s biodegradable, recyclable, and now, very energy efficient and completely customizable. Home and business owners may now choose the warmth and beauty of real solid wood door systems designed to their own personal taste without sacrificing energy efficiency.”
The benefits of this new system don’t stop there. The Insil-Stop system will also suppress fire. “We are looking forward to submitting our product to Underwriters Laboratories for full fire testing within the next year”, says Snider.
It would seem that the Ottawa Valley region adds another company to its distinguished list of world-class innovators. This new technology has the potential for changing how many building products are made. With energy efficiency and environmental responsibility being global concerns, advances such as this show that Canadian industry is heading in the right direction.
Rights : Public Domain
Press Contact:
J Simpson
Madawaska Door Ltd.
P.O. Box 938
Barry’s Bay ON
K0J 1B0
(613) 756- 7066
Image Repository:
<![CDATA[Why Use Wood?]]>, 17 Oct 2012 2:43:15 -0400Five Principles of Responsible Sourcing©

As concern about their environmental footprint grows, consumers want to know they are making informed buying choices, and living in a way that puts less pressure on the Earth.
Increasingly, when buying wood or paper products, consumers are seeking assurances that the products come from producers that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. But how do consumers identify a responsible supplier of sustainable forest products?
Canada’s forest sector makes sure its wood, pulp and paper products are the result of responsible forest and production practices. Harvested areas are regenerated, and Canada’s tough forest regulations met. Companies welcome outside scrutiny of practices, participate in recovery and recycling, and promote carbon neutrality across the value chain. Buyers can be confident that today’s quality products from Canada won’t come at the expense of tomorrow’s forests.
Consumers should look for wood and paper that come from responsible sources that respect five key principles of sustainability; namely, suppliers that: 
  1. Harvest legally
  2. Regenerate harvested lands promptly
  3. Reduce waste, support recovery and recycling
  4. Reduce greenhouse gases and help fight climate change
  5. Welcome independent scrutiny of forest management practices
Source: Feel Good Fact Sheet,
© 2011 Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)


<![CDATA[Mission & Goals]]>, 17 Oct 2012 2:28:17 -0400The forest industry is a major economic driver for Renfrew County and many residents rely on the employment it provides. The last 5 years have been particularly difficult for the industry and the downturn continues. Up until the mid 1990s, the forestry sector in the County of Renfrew had been the primary economic driver of the region. There were literally hundreds of direct and indirect businesses associated with wood products in both the County of Renfrew and the Pontiac. The region has a legacy of sustainable forest management and production of quality products.

The goal of this new and innovative project is to maximize and create new marketing opportunities for many local timber and lumber industries that have been relatively hard hit over the last five years due to a drop in global demand and the economic recession that began in 2009 and still has lingering effects. By creating and increasing marketing opportunities for local mills, producers, artisan and businesses that produce local products, the process will help maintain and expand their existing customer base. Through a long term strategic approach using modern technology and innovative web tools, there is a greater chance for increased economic development within this sector.

This project will also raise the profile of sustainable forest management within the Ottawa Valley. The region is recognized both locally and internationally for the advanced techniques of forest management, and the ability of local producers to gain the greatest economic benefits from this natural resource. The County of Renfrew has a variety of forests that allows local manufacturers to develop and deliver a variety of wood products for sale. The ability to effectively market these quality products will lead to increased employment opportunities for local companies.

The new innovative website and increased marketing will also create a sense of community pride among the local consumers in their desire to access and purchase local wood products. The County of Renfrew has a strong tradition of supporting local producers when consumers are introduced to these companies. Most importantly, local consumers have embraced the notion of buying and supporting local producers. Many of the local consumers were completely unaware of the quality and quantity of products available within their own geographical region. Not only did they have the chance to buy local products, but the consumers saved time and money by accessing the local markets; they contributed to the long term sustainability of these producers; and they helped stimulate and increase economic development by reinvesting in the local economy. This translates into local jobs, and increased opportunities for new employment opportunities within this sector.

The residents of the County of Renfrew want to buy local products and support the local economy. Perhaps the greatest impediment to this process is their general lack of awareness of local wood products. This new project will remove that barrier and introduce the consumers to the local products.

<![CDATA[OVW Featured in the Renfrew County Hunt Camp Newsletter]]>, 17 Oct 2012 10:32:44 -0400The Renfrew County Hunt Camp Newsletter is an annual publication mailed out by the Pembroke District Ministry of Natural Resources.  Ottawa Valley Wood was pleased to be featured on the back cover this year!

Make sure to check out our wood directory for all your hunt camp renovation needs, or for a gift for your spouse at the end of hunting season!

<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood Featured in the Forestry Chronicle]]>, 17 Oct 2012 9:43:06 -0400The Ottawa Valley Wood Initiative has been featured in The Forestry Chronicle, a widely-read forestry journal.  First published in 1925, it is the official journal of the Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada. It is published bi-monthly for members of the Institute and subscribers throughout the world. The Forestry Chronicle is published to provide information to forest practitioners about professional and scientific management of forests and their resources. The Forestry Chronicle provides forest practitioners in Canada and around the world with a means to communicate with their peers in the professional community. In addition to invited and submitted professional and scientific papers, the various Departments of The Forestry Chronicle (e.g., Guest Editorial, President's Perspective, Personals, Institute Affairs, school and professional association news, and conference listings) record and encourage comment on significant developments of general interest in Canada and international forestry.

Ottawa Valley Wood is proud to be included in the October issue!

Check it out online:

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<![CDATA[Directory]]>, 12 Oct 2012 2:23:15 -0400<![CDATA[About]]>, 12 Oct 2012 2:23:15 -0400Ottawa Valley Wood is a networking site for both consumers and producers alike. The directory will enable linkages in order for people to make local buying decisions. Contact the County of Renfrew ( for more information.

<![CDATA[Search]]>, 11 Oct 2012 12:40:14 -0400<![CDATA[Ottawa Valley Wood - Profile Generator]]>, 20 Sep 2012 9:46:03 -0400The forest industry is a major economic driver for Renfrew County and many residents rely on the employment it provides. The last 5 years have been particularly difficult for the industry and the downturn continues.

There is a general lack of awareness of the ability to buy local wood products, particularly in the under-40 demographic who are exercising their buying power and attempting to be informed consumers. Flooring, construction materials, solid wood furniture, cabinetry, firewood, siding, landscape materials, knife handles, bowls, wooden utensils and doors are just some examples of wood products available in the Ottawa Valley, harvested from our forests. The ability to walk into a big box store and walk out with everything you need, not knowing where the wood products came from or how they were harvested has led to a net import of wood products in a province that is capable of growing and producing enough wood to sustain ourselves. Part of the problem is the lack of accessibility of these products, particularly for the consumer who expects to find what they need through internet searching and clear presentation and marketing.

Studies have shown that there is an appetite across all demographics for purchasing Ontario-produced wood for home projects, if it is available and meets other criteria of price, quality and durability. A resource for locally grown and produced wood products would benefit the local economy and promote the long history and sustainability of the forest industry in the area.

- Stimulate local wood markets through marketing free of cost to producers.
- Raise awareness locally of availability of products that are in demand by the general public or contractors, e.g. value-added or building materials.
- Connect consumers to local producers who are interested and capable of selling in small quantities.
- Create a resource for contractors who may be requested to build using local materials.
- Create linkages between producers, increasing awareness of where raw materials for value-added products can be sourced locally.

Benefits of Project
- Creating and increasing marketing opportunities for local mills, producers, artisans and businesses that carry local wood products.
- Raising the profile of the sustainable forest management that occurs in the Ottawa Valley and the variety of wood products that can be obtained from our forests.
- Creating a sense of community pride in consumers with the ability to support the local economy through informed purchasing.

Funding for this project has been supported by the Government of Canada, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario’s (FedDev Ontario) Eastern Ontario Development Program, administered by the Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation]]>
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