Why Use Wood?

Updated: 12 years ago - Created: October 17th, 2012

Five Principles of Responsible Sourcing©

As concern about their environmental footprint grows, consumers want to know they are making informed buying choices, and living in a way that puts less pressure on the Earth.
Increasingly, when buying wood or paper products, consumers are seeking assurances that the products come from producers that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. But how do consumers identify a responsible supplier of sustainable forest products?
Canada’s forest sector makes sure its wood, pulp and paper products are the result of responsible forest and production practices. Harvested areas are regenerated, and Canada’s tough forest regulations met. Companies welcome outside scrutiny of practices, participate in recovery and recycling, and promote carbon neutrality across the value chain. Buyers can be confident that today’s quality products from Canada won’t come at the expense of tomorrow’s forests.
Consumers should look for wood and paper that come from responsible sources that respect five key principles of sustainability; namely, suppliers that: 
  1. Harvest legally
  2. Regenerate harvested lands promptly
  3. Reduce waste, support recovery and recycling
  4. Reduce greenhouse gases and help fight climate change
  5. Welcome independent scrutiny of forest management practices
Source: Feel Good Fact Sheet, www.feel-good.ca
© 2011 Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)