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Carson Lake LumberCarson Lake LumberCarson Lake LumberCarson Lake LumberCarson Lake LumberCarson Lake LumberCarson Lake LumberCarson Lake Lumber


1072 Doran Lake Road,
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 6W7


Phone: 613.687.8107

Wood Products for Sale to the Public
•  White Pine
•  Red Pine
•  Spruce
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Carson Lake Lumber is a family-owned and operated company in the Upper Ottawa Valley that has been operating in the same location since the early 1960s.  On site, the operation is comprised of a sawmill, planning mill, shipping department, chopping and packaging department, concentration yard and main office.  When running at full capacity, Carson Lake Lumber directly employs about 50 residents of the Ottawa Valley.

Carson Lake Lumber manufactures primarily eastern white pine and red pine lumber, offering all standard patterns and grades, including flooring and wall panelling.  Lumber is planed, unfinished and graded. A small quantity of rough spruce lumber is also available in limited sizes.  While some lumber is kept in stock, Carson Lake Lumber specializes in process and planning to customer specifications.  They also do custom milling of softwood if customers bring in wood from their own properties.

Forest sustainability is a top priority at Carson Lake Lumber.  All wood that enters the mill yard is harvested from the sustainably managed Algonquin Park Forest, which is certified by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) by a third-party auditor.  This forest is subject to some of the strictest environmental standards in the world and customers can be assured that wood products purchased from Carson Lake Lumber come from trees that have been responsibly harvested and regenerated.  Carson Lake Lumber also displays the “Ontario Wood” logo to assure customers that wood products come from responsibly managed forests and that their purchase supports the local economy.

You can buy lumber from Carson Lake Lumber by contacting Cory Douglas at 613-687-8107.  The company has an informative website with pictures and an up-to-date stock list (  Products are sold in any and all quantities.

"Buying locally strengthens our local and regional economies, supports local families, and can help foster a sense of community. When you purchase your wood products locally you can be assured that it has been harvested from sustainable forests with sound forest practices. In other words, you know where the wood is coming from. Buying locally allows the consumer to purchase exactly what they want, when they want and how they want. Consumers can, in most cases, purchase custom products and quantities not typically supplied by large distributors; this also allows for relationships to be built between the consumer and local producer."
- Cory Douglas of Carson Lake Lumber


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