Stephen Haigh Marquetry

Stephen Haigh MarquetryStephen Haigh MarquetryStephen Haigh MarquetryStephen Haigh MarquetryStephen Haigh MarquetryStephen Haigh Marquetry


18 Colborne Street
Elora, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
N0B 1S0


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Wood Products for Sale to the Public

NOTE: Stephen has recently moved out of the Ottawa Valley. You can contact him via email to purchase his products.

If there is an art form that appeals to people who love wood, it must be marquetry.  Seeing details and features in pieces of veneer of different tree species and assembling them into beautiful pieces of art requires patience, a steady hand and a creative vision.  Luckily for Burnstown, resident artisan Stephen Haigh has all of these qualities and has been crafting art from wood for over 40 years.  Stephen started out as a painter, studying art in Toronto.  He moved to the country at 20 years old, living in the woods for awhile and developed his craft over time.

Looking around Stephen’s studio, a love of nature is evident.  Trees, birds and other flora and fauna are common themes. Outdoor recreation including skiing, climbing and diving are also incorporated into various pieces.  He has been sought out by various customers to make one-of-a-kind boardroom tables and desks that make a statement and create a lasting impression.  These large projects require a lot of time for imagining, planning and putting together the pieces.  Stephen loves the challenge and the opportunity to create something different.

Stephen has accumulated an impressive collection of veneers over the years, with over 400 different tree species of various colours, textures and patterns to draw from to create his art.  He loves to use Canadian wood and sources local lumber when possible to make framing and other necessities.  He notes that veneer quality wood is limited in Canada but recognizes that sustainable forest management here is improving the quality of wood over time.

You can view some of Stephen’s artwork at the Neat Cafe in Burnstown, or at his nearby “Images Studio”.  His website ( also hosts a gallery showing some of his many works of art, including those for sale right now.


  • Wall Art
  • Customized boardroom tables and desks
  • Mirrors
  • Various furniture pieces

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