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Valley Roof Truss Ltd.Valley Roof Truss Ltd.Valley Roof Truss Ltd.


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The most important piece of your home is the roof; no questions asked.  It keeps the rain, snow, wind, sun, heat and cold precisely where it is supposed to be. 

Valley Roof Truss (Ltd.) in Braeside, Ontario, has been providing the safety and security of quality engineered floor and roof systems since 1988.  President Mike Battiston is very proud of the product he supplies the building industry.  With a very large network of contractors, builders and developers, Mike has transformed these relationships into a long-term strategy of excellent customer service.  Willing to sell to a homeowner looking to expand, or to a new subdivision that requires truss work for all of the units, Valley Roof Truss is able to take on any size project.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Mike’s son Luke handles the truss designs and layout based on the engineering requirement supplied by the truss plate manufacturer. In days gone past, Mike would have needed an on-site engineer to stamp each individual plan.  Computers and software have now removed that additional step (and cost) from the equation.  Luke takes the contractor’s CAD designs and transforms them into what the company needs for production. The confident staff of 5 finishes the trusswork in the extremely well organized facility and ships them to the job site.

The local framing business is becoming increasingly competitive, with many out-of-area truss companies looking to make in-roads into the County/Valley.  Particularly this year, with building starts either flat or on the decline, and with increased competition, Valley Roof Truss is remaining stable, keeping the workload manageable and the staff employed.  They remain the only Ottawa Valley-based flooring and roofing truss manufacturer.

Local wood is used when and where possible.  While grade-stamped spruce is required for the truss systems, it is not a species that the Ottawa Valley processes in any large quantities.  With that said, they do use locally sourced and milled (Shaw Lumber, Murray Bros. Lumber) white pine in their manufacturing of crating systems used throughout the Valley and beyond.

Mike, and Valley Roof Truss, is very proud to have been a community supporter for many years and feels that the relationship is very mutual; “Apples to apples, if the local firm is offering the same quality, with effective customer service and competitive pricing, why wouldn’t you buy local?”

Valley Roof Truss is pleased to quote on your next building project, large or small and can be contacted at the information below.  Local building supply stores also have access to Valley Roof Truss systems – be sure to ask for them at your contractor’s desk.


  • Wooden roof trusses of all dimensions
  • Crates
  • Engineered floor systems