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Killaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood ProductsKillaloe Wood Products


PO Box 160
Killaloe, ON, Ontario, Canada
K0J 2A0


Phone: 6137572157

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One of the most remarkable things about wood is how every single speck of dust gets utilized. Harvested trees do not result in any wasted material, and Killaloe Wood Products represents an excellent example of improving the utilization and value of wood.  

Jerry Summers started Killaloe Wood Products in 1986, thinning red pine plantations on Crown and privately owned land. Trees of a smaller size were processed in their roundwood post mill into fence posts. For the last 10 years, Killaloe Wood Products has been using the bark from this operation to create landscaping mulch and distributing to garden centres and landscape professionals across Ontario. Mulch has grown to be the main part of the company’s business, offering pine and cedar mulch in a variety of popular shades. Megan Summers, who now works with Jerry as the 2nd generation of the family business, is excited about the future of the forest industry, and is constantly looking for new ways to innovate.

Although Killaloe Wood Products sells primarily in wholesale, you can ask for their mulch and landscape products at many local businesses within Renfrew County: Gerber’s Nursery in Golden Lake, Cross Town Construction in Barry’s Bay, Seigel’s Sand & Gravel in Pembroke and Hultink’s Garden Centre in Renfrew. If you are outside of the Renfrew County area and would like to purchase mulch from Killaloe Wood Products, see the Evergreen Mulch & Garden Soils website at

Killaloe Wood Products is proud to stand behind its locally sourced material. “It’s important to buy local wood because the buyer knows the product is coming from sustainably managed forests”, states Megan Summers. 

You can learn more about Killaloe Wood Products by visiting their website, or by calling or emailing the contact information below.


-          Wholesale Only:

o   Natural Pine Mulch

o   Natural Cedar Mulch

o   Red Coloured Mulch

o   Black Coloured Mulch

o   Gold Coloured Mulch

o   Chocolate Brown Coloured Mulch

o   Cherry Brown Coloured Mulch

o   IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch

o   Aged Bark Fines

o   Leaf & Yard Compost