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Pastway Planing LimitedPastway Planing LimitedPastway Planing LimitedPastway Planing LimitedPastway Planing Limited


2916 Rockingham Road, P.O. Box 100
Combermere, Ontario, Canada
K0J 1L0


Phone: 613.756.2742

Wholesale Lumber
Wood Products for Sale to the Public

Pastway Planing Limited has been in the lumber business for 33 years.  Frank Pastway started his first sawmill on the banks of the Madawaska River in the 1930s.  His son Ray established Pastway’s at its current location in Combermere in 1979.  In 1986, Pastway Planing Ltd constructed the first pressure treatment facility of its kind in North America, with modern, fully automated process controls – a major business success story at that time.

The company continues to make advances through time and has grown from just three employees to over 65.  Their claim to fame? “The best drying yard in Ontario”, due to location, topography, and prevailing wind direction.

Much of Pastway’s wood comes from local mills and they specialize in pressure treatment.  Their main business is wholesale – you can ask for their products at your local hardware store.  They do, however, offer finishing services to the individual consumer – you can bring in rough-sawn lumber from your own projects and they will finish to custom specs including: re-sawing, cutting to length, tongue-and-groove, v-joint, grading, grade stamping and lumber, storage for air drying, planing and pressure-treatment.

Pastway Planing is FSC certified and sources their wood from sustainably managed forests.  After 34 years, Pastway Planing certainly has a successful formula down pat: provide an excellent product, value your partnerships, treat your employees with respect and loyalty, and be good corporate citizens in the community.  Currently, Pastway’s employs over 65 full-time local and experienced Valley folk with an average period of seniority of 17 years.

You can buy products from Pastway Planing by requesting their products at your local hardware store.   You can request their finishing services of your own rough sawn lumber by calling the office in Combermere (613-756-2742).

Available Products and Services:

  • Lumber available at local hardware stores (ask for it!)
  • Wood shavings for animal bedding
  • Finishing services for rough-sawn lumber (supplied by customer):
  • Planing
  • Pressure treatment
  • Tongue and groove
  • V-joint
  • Dimensional lumber to specs requested
  • Grading
  • Air-drying

"Look for and ask your local lumber retailer for Pastway wood products as there are may positive reasons for supporting local establishments.  In doing so, you support independent, locally owned businesses, thereby strengthening the economic base of the community and providing jobs to our local families"

Ray Pastway on the importance of buying local wood


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